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This Doesn't Do Anything
Erez Avissar-designed flyer for a Wavves DJ afterparty I organized at the Bushwick DIY venue Shea Stadium in June 2010. I was all ready with a set of old thrash + skatepunk that I’d spent an entire afternoon putting together, but when I rolled up, the place was swarming with cops and people were evacuating en masse.
Turned out the cops had been on routine patrol in the area and some dumbass threw a beer bottle off the roof, through the rear windshield of a police cruiser. On my way out, I noticed the almost cartoonish bottle-shaped hole in the glass. I guess they were determined to find the guy because they’d sealed off the exits and were searching everyone inside, but they never did: A friend recently told me that DOM was the culprit and I’m pretty sure I saw him out later that night.
After shit cooled down, I headed back to Shea with some friends. Patrick Stickles was totally gracious about the bust-up and wound up DJing for a small group of people anyway. My favorite memory of that place is watching the sun rise out on the balcony that morning and everyone singing along to “Be My Baby.”
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